28 Jan 2010

Agnés B. A/W 10

I love the colour accents on the greys, I love the classic cutting with vintage twists. A paisley shirt always goes down well too.

Prada A/W 10

Lovely cardigan. Lovely colours.

Sibling cont.

This is what I want to see men wearing!!!

Images: Sibling

Adam Kimmel A/W 10

The Look: Working man meets post-Beat art star.

Sibling Knitwear.

Designers Joe Bates, Sid Bryan and Cozette McCreery are the brains behind this awesome menswear brand. 
I love it because it's knitwear, it's menswear, and it's crazy! 

I really like their style and ethos it's incredible; pushing menswear forward I am super impressed! I first came across Sibling last year in Italy for the trade show Piti Filati, their advertising campaign was in Another Man I think and it was a dog in the pink leopard cardigan. It was such a good image that we used it for our fashion show tickets and posters.
They truly are brilliant, it's what mens knitwear needs it's amazing!!

Images: siblingknitwear

26 Jan 2010

Paul Smith A/W 10.

So this is going to be a big post as I just think I died and went to heaven seeing this collection:

No words necessary. I love you Paul!!!

Maison Martin Margiela A/W 10

A rather swish collection from Margiela, always very forward thinking. I do like the odd touches he puts in this collection and the varied choice of models, I like it alot.

Images: catwalking.com

25 Jan 2010

Kris Van Assche A/W 10

Yes please! I am all over this. Trouser - yes. Scarf - yes. Overcoat - yes. Amazing.

Image: GQ-fashion

Raf Simons A/W 10

Loving the coat detail.
This model looks suspiciously like a model I dressed at Uni's graduate show a couple of years ago. Hmmm.

Image: GQ-fashion

Josh Beech.

My favorite male model.

Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture A/W 09

This is along the lines of my thoughts for my collection. Lots of robots and metal parts. Minus the glamour look.


I got the beset present ever on the weekend from my fabulous friend Asher. I study Fashion Knitwear Design but I am completely head over heels in love with pattern cutting. I am on a pattern cutting placement an Temperley London and everyday it confirms my passions.
This is a Japanese pattern cutting book and it's one of the best I have ever seen. There are a couple of things that Im going to try out: collars that are built into the main bodice piece, 3D holes that fold out of the body. It's indredible.

Jil Sander A/W 10

So I just stumbled over a masterpiece and almost broke my jaw as it hit the desk!
I like this ALOT. It's incredible; it's completely authentic and subtle yet just mindboggling at the same time! Jil Sander is amazing for that and I am a big fan of the J+ line in Uniqlo. I keep oggling the camel trench coat and wondering wether I can afford it . . . the answer is always no to anything but I do love it.

Outfits for the weekend.

What can I say, I love these outfits! No1 is Stella McCartney's S/S 10 collection, everything about it is right, the neutrals, the splash of indigo, the cut, the shoulder pads. I would love to have that outfit.
Numero deux is from Jeremy Scott's A/W 07 collection Happy Daze. I love the stuffed roll collar, lovely fresh colours and the poodle is great!


I think these are a must for my collection next year. Very Sci-Fi.


I want to paint my hands white every day! Couldn't do much cutting with that ring though.

Image: gagadaily.com

Alexander McQueen A/W 10

I've heard tales from friends about interns at McQueen, I adore the man and think he's a genius but from what I know I would never work there. However he is still one of my favourite designers alongside Hussein Chalayan, Stella McCartney and Yves Saint laurent.
McQueen and Chalayan are the closest to the kind of design I like to do myself; dark themes, art pieces, powerful, interesting, technological, and a bit strange. I will always love his work and this collection follows on from his womenswear S/S 10 beautifully.

Lanvin A/W 10

Trust Alber Elbaz to take my breath away once again, the man is a legend. The drape and construction of his work is outstanding. I love the top knit(?) piece, it almost looks like a piece of armour clipped onto the black top. The jacket sleeves underneath are another nice cheeky twist, bringing glamour into menswear, god knows they love it.

Images: catwalking.com