27 Feb 2010


I wasn't too bowled over by Shannon's collection as Im not too keen on sportswear but I know the pain that goes into making and producing a collection so I am still impressed. These are my two favorite looks from the show; I am really liking the long shirts under jumpers in menswear this season and I am always a fan of layers. The see through blouse/trouser look is coming through quietly I have seen from Saint Martins, I like this look alot - sexy and cool with a flash of colour.

Shannon and Long showed side by side and I much preferred James Long's collection. It was dark, sexy, layered and moody I loved it. I like the dark petrol blue long knit jumper over tight PVC pants, as well as the fine knit jumper with a tie showing the orange flash underneath. I was a big fan of James's last collection and his random use of camouflage setting a trend on the catwalks after him. He is one to watch out for and I think in the next couple of years menswear will take a big turn for the good.


I discovered Aitor Throup in my first year  of university and he has got better ever since. I really like this exhibition named 'Legs', a fresh presentation of a wonderful collection. This was a retrospective of trousers from 2004 - 2010 a range including Trumpet trousers, Anatomy trousers and Calf Pocket trousers. Im really inspired by the imagination of this fashion installation, an intelligent approach to a signature collection. I adore Aitor's style and illustration, an incredible visionary.


A different take on menswear for next season than most others but it certainly is a good one. Graphic plaids, neutral tones, dog collars, punk boots, flowers. This collection had a mix of different genres but it worked. Eclectic yet tasteful and tonal. My favorite is the chiffon over the cable knit jumpers, that was a really nice touch, something I wouldn't mind playing with. And of course the flowers in the bag, I hoped it to be a nod to Morrissey.


I was waiting with baited breath to see Massey's AW10 collection at London Fashion week and I wasn't diappointed. 
A beautifuly modest colour palette, a complementary mix of fine knits, chunky scarves, slinky shirts and tailored jackets worked a treat. I am a big fan of Carolyn's work as I too am an aspiring menswear designer looking to study at the Royal College after my BA(hons) course next year. She is an incredible designer producing stylish, wearable and innovative menswear.


22 Feb 2010


Very impressed with the CSM AW10 catwalk show on Sunday. These were my favourites. I wasn't blown away by the menswear which is a shame I would have liked to have seen more. Not the usual atention seeking crap that you see coming from saint martins but structural extremely well made pieces.

28 Jan 2010

Agn├ęs B. A/W 10

I love the colour accents on the greys, I love the classic cutting with vintage twists. A paisley shirt always goes down well too.

Prada A/W 10

Lovely cardigan. Lovely colours.

Sibling cont.

This is what I want to see men wearing!!!

Images: Sibling

Adam Kimmel A/W 10

The Look: Working man meets post-Beat art star.

Sibling Knitwear.

Designers Joe Bates, Sid Bryan and Cozette McCreery are the brains behind this awesome menswear brand. 
I love it because it's knitwear, it's menswear, and it's crazy! 

I really like their style and ethos it's incredible; pushing menswear forward I am super impressed! I first came across Sibling last year in Italy for the trade show Piti Filati, their advertising campaign was in Another Man I think and it was a dog in the pink leopard cardigan. It was such a good image that we used it for our fashion show tickets and posters.
They truly are brilliant, it's what mens knitwear needs it's amazing!!

Images: siblingknitwear