27 Feb 2010


I wasn't too bowled over by Shannon's collection as Im not too keen on sportswear but I know the pain that goes into making and producing a collection so I am still impressed. These are my two favorite looks from the show; I am really liking the long shirts under jumpers in menswear this season and I am always a fan of layers. The see through blouse/trouser look is coming through quietly I have seen from Saint Martins, I like this look alot - sexy and cool with a flash of colour.

Shannon and Long showed side by side and I much preferred James Long's collection. It was dark, sexy, layered and moody I loved it. I like the dark petrol blue long knit jumper over tight PVC pants, as well as the fine knit jumper with a tie showing the orange flash underneath. I was a big fan of James's last collection and his random use of camouflage setting a trend on the catwalks after him. He is one to watch out for and I think in the next couple of years menswear will take a big turn for the good.

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  1. james long rules, just loved that collection. the boiler boys are the next big thing. but who is wearing all these boiler suits?


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